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Personal blog and notes by Andrejs Abrickis


I'm Andrejs Abrickis, a Front End developer working at Mintos.com I use this blog to share my personal opinion and experience of web development. I believe the best qualities for a today's developer is the ability to learn quickly and be able to share the knowledge with others. Because only in collaboration a truly great product is made. That is why I try to mentor junior developers and show them the ins and outs of developing responsive UIs and browser agnostic client side applications.

I started as self-taught front end developer and developed my skills and expertise in various size and type Web and E-Commerce projects both B2C and B2B. And from then on my focus has been on:

  • HTML, JS and CSS
  • Web Components, including Polymer CLI
  • Mobile and Hybrid apps (Ionic framework and Apache Cordova)
  • Vue.js and Angular
  • .NET framework and C#
  • MS Azure and Visual Studio Team Services
  • Symfony and PHP

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