Nowadays it's hard to find a website or web application which doesn't use few or more SVG icons in its UI. A common approach is to use the <img /> tag providing the source of the icon image or icon fonts.

Whenever using the <img /> tag and there's a need to change the color of the icon we have to change the value of src attribute which results in a new request.

On the other hand, when icon fonts are used, all it takes is to change the CSS color property of an element. The cons are there's no way to change the color of one or more parts of the icon and we have to download the whole bundle of icons.

A solution for both cases is to use the <svg> tag and inline the icon's SVG markup into the HTML which results in many manually written <svg> tags all over the HTML. And additionally, in all of them, we have to manually add the attributes over again.

From my experience, a quick and simple solution is to create a Vue component which is responsible for rendering the SVG icon dynamically based on a prop value, for example, the name of the icon. Below is the example of the Vue icon component which renders an SVG mono-icon (an icon containing only one element, e.g. path)

    viewBox="0 0 24 24"
    <path :d="path" />

const icons = {
    "M19 16.166c0-4.289-4.465-5.483-7.887-7.091-2.079-1.079-1.816-3.658 1.162-3.832 1.652-.1 3.351.39 4.886.929l.724-3.295c-1.814-.551-3.437-.803-4.885-.841v-2.036h-2v2.134c-3.89.535-5.968 2.975-5.968 5.7 0 4.876 5.693 5.62 7.556 6.487 2.54 1.136 2.07 3.5-.229 4.021-1.993.451-4.538-.337-6.45-1.079l-.909 3.288c1.787.923 3.931 1.417 6 1.453v1.996h2v-2.105c3.313-.464 6.005-2.293 6-5.729z",
    "M4.062 16.626c-.165-.5.038-.921.656-1.145l3.249-1.155-.134 1.028c-.077.589-.103 1.107-.089 1.573-.25.078-1.095.339-1.945.552-.871.218-1.538-.25-1.737-.853zm1.745 1.916c-.461.167-.612.48-.489.854.147.449.645.798 1.294.635.606-.151 1.408-.396 1.701-.487-.203-.505-.378-1.035-.479-1.659l-2.027.657zm.193-10.542h2.643l.128-1h-2.771v1zm16-6v9c0 1.104-.896 2-2 2h-1.989l.015.02c-.031.43-.105.906-.222 1.457-.451 2.144-1.637 5.122-.83 8.418-2.312.356-3.651.523-5.992 1.105-.273-4.062-2.266-4.943-1.804-8.47.542-4.137.844-6.461 1.196-9.255.11-.879.731-1.307 1.337-1.307.631 0 1.246.464 1.252 1.366.021 3.303.108 6.593.324 7.393.146.54 1.087.638 1.087-.512l-.002-2.216h5.128c.276 0 .5-.224.5-.5v-4.499h-5.568c-.157-1.461-1.27-2.531-2.721-2.531h-.001c-1.44 0-2.578 1.038-2.806 2.531h-4.904v4.5c0 . 2h-3.996c-1.104 0-2-.896-2-2v-9c0-1.104.896-2 2-2h16c1.104 0 2 .896 2 2zm-2 .5c0-.276-.224-.5-.5-.5h-15c-.276 0-.5.224-.5.5v.5h16v-.5zm-14 7.5h2.386l.129-1h-2.515v1zm12-3h-3v1h3v-1z",
    "M17.677 16.879l-.343.195v-1.717l.343-.195v1.717zm2.823-3.324l-.342.195v1.717l.342-.196v-1.716zm3.5-7.602v11.507l-9.75 5.54-10.25-4.989v-11.507l9.767-5.504 10.233 4.953zm-11.846-1.757l7.022 3.2 1.7-.917-7.113-3.193-1.609.91zm.846 7.703l-7-3.24v8.19l7 3.148v-8.098zm3.021-2.809l-6.818-3.24-2.045 1.168 6.859 3.161 2.004-1.089zm5.979-.943l-2 1.078v2.786l-3 1.688v-2.856l-2 1.078v8.362l7-3.985v-8.151zm-4.907 7.348l-.349.199v1.713l.349-.195v-1.717zm1.405-.8l-.344.196v1.717l.344-.196v-1.717zm.574-.327l-.343.195v1.717l.343-.195v-1.717zm.584-.332l-.35.199v1.717l.35-.199v-1.717zm-16.656-4.036h-2v1h2v-1zm0 2h-3v1h3v-1zm0 2h-2v1h2v-1z",
    "M15.744 16.683l.349-.199v1.717l-.349.195v-1.713zm3.414-.227l.342-.196v-1.717l-.343.195v1.718zm-1.429.813l.343-.195v-1.717l-.343.195v1.717zm.578-.329l.349-.199v-1.717l-.349.199v1.717zm-1.152.656l.343-.196v-1.717l-.343.196v1.717zm-.821.467l.343-.195v-1.717l-.343.195v1.717zm6.666-11.122v11.507l-9.75 5.552-12.25-6.978v-11.507l9.767-5.515 12.233 6.941zm-12.236-4.643l-2.106 1.19 8.891 5.234-.002.003 2.33-1.256-9.113-5.171zm1.236 10.59l-9-5.218v8.19l9 5.126v-8.098zm3.493-3.056l-8.847-5.208-2.488 1.405 8.86 5.138 2.475-1.335zm5.507-.696l-7 3.773v8.362l7-3.985v-8.15z",
    "M16.677 17.868l-.343.195v-1.717l.343-.195v1.717zm2.823-3.325l-.342.195v1.717l.342-.195v-1.717zm3.5-7.602v11.507l-9.75 5.552-12.25-6.978v-11.507l9.767-5.515 12.233 6.941zm-13.846-3.733l9.022 5.178 1.7-.917-9.113-5.17-1.609.909zm2.846 9.68l-9-5.218v8.19l9 5.126v-8.098zm3.021-2.809l-8.819-5.217-2.044 1.167 8.86 5.138 2.003-1.088zm5.979-.943l-2 1.078v2.786l-3 1.688v-2.856l-2 1.078v8.362l7-3.985v-8.151zm-4.907 7.348l-.349.199v1.713l.349-.195v-1.717zm1.405-.8l-.344.196v1.717l.344-.196v-1.717zm.574-.327l-.343.195v1.717l.343-.195v-1.717zm.584-.333l-.35.199v1.717l.35-.199v-1.717z",
    "M9.939 0l-.939 4.971v1.098c0 1.066-.933 1.931-2 1.931s-2-.865-2-1.932v-1.097l2.996-4.971h1.943zm-3.052 0l-2.887 4.971v1.098c0 1.066-.933 1.931-2 1.931s-2-.865-2-1.932v-1.097l4.874-4.971h2.013zm17.113 6.068c0 1.067-.933 1.932-2 1.932s-2-.933-2-2v-1.098l-2.887-4.902h2.014l4.873 4.971v1.097zm-10-1.168v1.098c0 1.066-.933 2.002-2 2.002s-2-.933-2-2v-1.098l1.047-4.902h1.905l1.048 4.9zm2.004-4.9l2.993 5.002v1.098c.001 1.067-.93 1.9-1.997 1.9s-2-.933-2-2v-1.098l-.939-4.902h1.943zm-15.004 10v14h10v-2h-8v-10h18v12h2v-14h-22zm18 4h-6v10h6v-10z",
    "M6 23.73l-3-2.122v-14.2l3 1.359v14.963zm2-14.855v15.125l13-1.954v-15.046l-13 1.875zm5.963-7.875c-2.097 0-3.958 2.005-3.962 4.266l-.001 1.683c0 .305.273.54.575.494.244-.037.425-.247.425-.494v-1.681c.003-1.71 1.416-3.268 2.963-3.268.537 0 1.016.195 1.384.564.422.423.654 1.035.653 1.727v1.747c0 .305.273.54.575.494.243-.037.423-.246.423-.492l.002-1.749c.002-1.904-1.32-3.291-3.037-3.291zm-6.39 5.995c.245-.037.427-.247.427-.495v-2.232c.002-1.71 1.416-3.268 2.963-3.268l.162.015c.366-.283.765-.513 1.188-.683-.405-.207-.858-.332-1.35-.332-2.096 0-3.958 2.005-3.962 4.266v2.235c0 .306.272.538.572.494z",
    "M24 3l-.743 2h-1.929l-3.474 12h-13.239l-4.615-11h16.812l-.564 2h-13.24l2.937 7h10.428l3.432-12h4.195zm-15.5 15c-.828 0-1.5.672-1.5 1.5 0 .829.672 1.5 1.5 1.5s1.5-.671 1.5-1.5c0-.828-.672-1.5-1.5-1.5zm6.9-7-1.9 7c-.828 0-1.5.671-1.5 1.5s.672 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5-.671 1.5-1.5c0-.828-.672-1.5-1.5-1.5z",
    "M10 19.5c0 .829-.672 1.5-1.5 1.5s-1.5-.671-1.5-1.5c0-.828.672-1.5 1.5-1.5s1.5.672 1.5 1.5zm3.5-1.5c-.828 0-1.5.671-1.5 1.5s.672 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5-.671 1.5-1.5c0-.828-.672-1.5-1.5-1.5zm1.336-5l1.977-7h-16.813l2.938 7h11.898zm4.969-10l-3.432 12h-12.597l.839 2h13.239l3.474-12h1.929l.743-2h-4.195z",
    "M10 19.5c0 .829-.672 1.5-1.5 1.5s-1.5-.671-1.5-1.5c0-.828.672-1.5 1.5-1.5s1.5.672 1.5 1.5zm3.5-1.5c-.828 0-1.5.671-1.5 1.5s.672 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5-.671 1.5-1.5c0-.828-.672-1.5-1.5-1.5zm-10.563-5l-2.937-7h16.812l-1.977 7h-11.898zm11.233-5h-11.162l1.259 3h9.056l.847-3zm5.635-5l-3.432 12h-12.597l.839 2h13.239l3.474-12h1.929l.743-2h-4.195z"
export default {
  props: {
    name: String
  computed: {
    path() {
      return icons[];

To use this component one should provide the name, like <SvgPathIcon name="shop-1" /> which match a key from the icons' object in the example.

Of course, this is an example of a very simplified scenario which can be improved both from the feature and optimization side, e.g. loading the SVG paths as JSON via AJAX request.

I hope this might help you to develop your own SVG icon solutions. And if you want to run a demo locally take a look on the GitHub repo

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